About Us

Who We Are

Not a 'normal' software company

Eximium are a specialist business systems consultancy. We can help you get more value from your existing systems, and design and build new software solutions to work exactly the way you want them to.

Since 2005, we have been helping our customers unlock the true potential of technology in their business. Our mission has always been to help companies get the most out of their systems and processes, and, in many cases, we have broken through the boundaries of what our customers thought was possible.

We take pride in aligning technology to meet your business goals. If you are looking for a company that is capable of helping you achieve what you want from technology in your business, then you have arrived at the right place.

Who We Are Trusted By

Here are some of our customers

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How We Work

It's all about you

Firstly, it’s all about understanding you, your approach and business objectives.

In our experience, every organisation is unique. What you do, and how you do it, will be different from anyone else – and that’s where much of an organisation’s competitive edge comes from. We understand that and will help you retain it. That’s why we take time to look in detail at how you work.

Once we have gathered the essence of you and your business needs, we can then show you ways we can add value to your business.

If we can improve upon existing systems and processes, or how you use them, then we’ll demonstrate how. Alternatively, we may propose new solutions for you, tailored to the way you want to work.

Our aim is always to make sure that we strike the right balance between your unique combination of process, information and people, to enable your business to run effectively and meet your business objectives.

We’re so confident we can improve your business processes that we offer a free ‘proof of concept’ – discover more about the Eximium challenge now!

Our Team

Committed to increasing your ROI

The team at Eximium is passionate about grappling with difficult business challenges and providing productive, intuitive and effective technology solutions. We have a strikingly unusual approach to helping you get the most out of technology in your business. By focussing on the balance between process, information, and people in your business, our experienced team can bring real, tangible benefits to your organisation.

We have two major groups of people at Eximium:

  • Business people with a solid business background, such as operations, finance, sales or even running their own business, who are skilled in technology and therefore have an exceptional grasp of how to use technology in a business to the best advantage.
  • Technical people with a strong background in solving business problems with technology solutions, who are able to communicate in business terms, have a very clear understanding of business needs and making technology fit the business (not the other way around).

Using the combined experience and knowledge of these two groups, we are able to deliver systems and processes that work the way you want them to and not just deliver technology for its own sake. You will be working with a team that understands business and focuses on that first and foremost and can therefore create the ideal solution to fit your business and solve your challenges.

If you don’t believe us – take the Eximium challenge now!