Case Studies

Grant Management Solution Image

Grant Management Solution

A large lottery funder required a bespoke grant management system to be delivered very quickly but flexibly

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Business Management System Image

Business Management System

A global visual merchandiser needed a bespoke business management software solution to improve the efficiency in their business

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PO Process Efficiency Image

Purchase Order Process Efficiency

A manufacturer was not seeing the improvements they expected from an electronic PO process and asked us to investigate

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Insurance Claims Image

Insurance Claims Management Solution

A claims handler wanted a bespoke, process-driven claims management system, to replace an existing CRM solution

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Software System Simplification Image

Software System Simplification

A financial services customer was really struggling to use their business administration software application and asked us to help them simplify it

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Data Migration Image

Data Migration Strategy

A leading motor insurer asked for our help with migrating data from one of their existing systems

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Medical Claims Management Solution Image

Medical Claims Management Solution

A key sports charity needed a flexible bespoke medical claims solution

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System Improvements Image

Business Growth Strategy

A growing financial services firm needed to find a way to support their growth by introducing process effiencies

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Report Process Automation Image

Reporting Process Automation

A large retailer asked us to look into automating a key business report that was very labour intensive

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Direct Debit Debtors Solution Image

Direct Debit Debtors Solution

A large retailer had £3m in DD debtors 'stuck' on their system and needed us to investigate why and propose a solution

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System Improvements Image

Existing System Improvements

A retailer had outgrown their business system and wanted to know what we could do to make it work for them

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