Case Studies

Direct Debit Debtors Solution

Customer Sector


Project Cost Range

£5k to £50k

The Challenge

"We have over £3m worth of DD debtors in the business that should not be there. We think they are stuck inside the systems but we don't know why. We need to resolve these issues and stop these situations from happening again. Please can you help?"

Our Approach

We spent six months working meticulously through this challenge with the customer, analysing each problem and identifying potential solutions.

The Solution

We created reusable tools inside their system, which allowed portions of the debt to be either successfully collected, chased, reversed or written off, as appropriate.

We also found and resolved all of the reasons for the original problems, and helped them put a process in place to stop any future issues, including an automatic chase and cancellation process.

The DD debt returned to normal and their Financial Services Director said he was "...absolutely delighted and relieved..." by the results