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About Us

We are a specialist business software consultancy.

We work by taking your business objectives and ensuring that your systems support the best alignment of process, information and people in your business, to allow you to meet those objectives.

The result is your business perfectly balanced with technology, with you at the centre, feeling calm and in control - and seeing exceptional value from your systems and processes.

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Increasing Value from Existing Systems Image

Increasing Value from Existing Systems

Working with your existing systems to identify and implement improvements to increase the returns you see from technology in your business

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Business Process Management Image

Business Process Management

Improving business processes and putting systems and methods in place to create a continual improvement platform

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Delivering New Systems Image

Delivering New Systems

Working with your business needs to deliver powerful, packaged, customised or bespoke software solutions to address your business challenges

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Business Intelligence Image

Business Intelligence

Identifying better ways to capture, analyse, and utilise the information in your business to the best competitive advantage

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Business Analysis and Problem Solving Image

Business Analysis & Problem Solving

Identifying the root cause of process and system problems, including efficiency issues and providing practical solutions

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Strategic Technology Engagement Image

Strategic Technology Engagement

Advice and coaching for business leaders in how to use technology to the best advantage in their business model

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"Eximium have been of enormous assistance over the last 5 years to develop our internal systems and processes."

Finance Systems Manager, Dixons Retail

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"Eximium is everything an outsourced software house should be. Professional, objective, results driven, highly focused and all of these qualities are consistent across all the projects they get involved in. I highly recommend Eximium."

Director, Controlled Projects

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"Eximium are different to other third parties that we work with because they always help us get to the bottom of what we really need before they embark on work with us."

Finance Director, Civil Service Healthcare

Agile Business Applications

If you need to create a bespoke software solution that is agile and easy to change, quickly and without the need for recoding, and that is powerful enough to drive the heart of your organisation, then book a demonstration with us to find out more.

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Without a solid process, nothing can work efficiently in an organisation

It is even more important that your business processes are reflected inside your system.

In this area, some of the main elements we look at are:

  • How well defined are the processes?
  • Are they supported by the system as well as they could be?
  • What processes are outside of the system and how are they controlled?
  • How are exceptions to the process identified and handled?
  • Is it obvious to the players in the process who does what?
  • Is there an audit trail and continual improvement built in?

By dealing with these matters and others under this heading, we can make sure that your processes are sound and fully supported, controlled and monitored by your systems.

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You can't run a business without information

But it isn't enough just to capture it - it has to be used effectively.

Key areas we look at here are:

  • What information is being captured and by whom?
  • Is it being used as effectively as it could be?
  • Is there more that could be captured and used to competitive advantage?
  • What insights does detailed analysis of the information in the business provide?
  • Is the information shared across other systems and processes in the most efficient way?

By dealing with these problems and more in this area, we can ensure that your information is being used to best effect in your organisation.

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Your technology simply won't deliver

If the people that are supposed to benefit from it find they can't use it effectively. This includes directors, managers, staff, customers, suppliers and partners.

Some of the main factors we consider in this area are:

  • Do your users understand the system?
  • Do they like it?
  • Is it simple and intuitive to use?
  • Can they see the value in it?
  • Does it do what they need it to do?
  • Does it help them do their job?
  • Are they using in the best way?

By addressing these issues and more in this area, we can ensure that the people using your systems get the most out of them.

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The Eximium Challenge

From our experience, we think we can address just about any business problem using our approach. In fact, we're so sure that we are prepared to make you this guarantee:

"If we can't solve your problem and add real value to your business through the work we do, then you won't have to pay"

It's as simple as that. So, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting us and putting us to the test with your business challenge!

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